Looking back at 5 regrets for the NY Giants this past offseason

It's been another wasted season for the G-Men

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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4. Trading for Darren Waller

At first, when the Giants traded for tight end Darren Waller from the Las Vegas Raiders for a third-round pick, I was excited! Waller has been a Pro Bowler and the hype surrounding his name leading up to Week 1 was quite high.

Waller has been relatively quiet all season long and only has scored one touchdown which was all the way back in Week 7 against the Commanders. Waller has also had just 456 yards receiving and missed significant time this season with a hamstring injury. We all knew that Waller had injury problems when the Giants brought him in, but Waller when healthy should be capable of playing at a very high level and he just has not.

This was someone the Giants really had high hopes for and Waller has not gotten the job done. These last two games are going to be very important for Waller and the Giants to see if they want the 31-year-old tight end to stay with Big Blue for the long haul.