Looking back at 5 regrets for the NY Giants this past offseason

It's been another wasted season for the G-Men

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3. Re-signing Sterling Shepard

Look, I have always been a fan of Sterling Shepard. The wide receiver has been the longest-tenured Giant on this current roster having been there since 2016 and whenever he gets hurt, I always feel for him. Shepard is a guy who loves to be out there with his team, can be dangerous when he's healthy and he's a great team player. But now, the Sterling Shepard era is over in New York and honestly, it never should been continued this season in the first place.

Shepard has practically been non-existent this season with just seven, yes seven catches, on the entire season and only 39 receiving yards. He has not caught a pass since Week 12 against the New England Patriots and has not had multiple catches in a game this year. He also only has one touchdown on the season which came in garbage time against the Cowboys back in Week 10.

I don't know why the Giants have not gotten Shepard involved in their offense and we probably will never know. But, it made no sense, to begin with, to bring him back when New York already has some young playmakers they're excited about. Shepard has been a team great, but there's no way he'll be back in 2024.