Mel Kiper Net Worth & 5 Fun Facts you might not know about the NFL Draft icon

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For a lot of you NFL Draft enthusiasts out there, one of your favorite reporters this time of year is the one and only Mel Kiper Jr. The man has his pulse on everything draft related. People stop what they're doing the second he or Todd McShay drops and NFL Mock Draft.

Kiper is one of the best at what he does, and according to a recent article from The Big Lead, he's worth around $7 million. The man makes a lot of money to talk about NFL Draft prospects. That's a dream job right there. With that said, there's plenty to like about Kiper, while not everyone has been a huge fan of his work over the years....

5 fun facts about Mel Kiper Jr. leading up to the NFL Draft

5. Mel Kiper has been providing NFL Draft coverage on ESPN for nearly 30 years
Can you believe that it has been nearly 40 years of Kiper with the Worldwide Leader in Sports? Well, believe it. Kiper first joined ESPN's NFL Draft coverage team in 1984.

4. Georgia DT Jalen Carter remains Kiper's top 2023 prospect
In a bit of a surprise, Kiper released his final NFL Draft rankings on Wednesday and he's staying firm with Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter as his No. 1 player. A lot of people might have thought that Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud or Will Levis would be at the top, but Kiper is rocking with Carter.

3. Mel Kiper made former Colts GM Bill Tobin lose his mind in 1994
This is an NFL Draft moment that will never be forgotten. Back in '94, Kiper ripped into the Colts for passing on Trent Dilfer twice in the first round. He clearly thought the QB was the perfect fit for Indy. When then Colts general manager Bill Tobin was interviewed on ESPN, he was furious with Kiper and called him out. 'Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway' will be six words that will always be discussed this time of year.

2, Mel Kiper will 'retire' if the Ravens select Bijan Robinson
At 62 years old, this may be the last year we see Kiper on ESPN - if the Ravens select Bijan Robinson in the first round that is. Earlier this year, Kiper said he'd call it a career if Baltimore used its first-rounder on the star Texas RB. Stay tuned to see what goes down here.

1. Mel Kiper made $400 working his first NFL Draft for ESPN
All the way back in 1984, ESPN wasn't paying Kiper the kind of dough they are these days. Matter of fact, it wasn't even close. Per an article by Bleacher report, ESPN paid Kiper $400 for his first draft with the company. The man paid his dues to get to the point he's at today, no doubt about that.

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