Merril Hoge quote on Drake Maye is enough to scare NY Giants fans

Could Daniel Jones history repeat itself with Drake Maye?
NFL Combine
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After the 6-11 season that was just posted by the NY Giants in 2023, this team needs a major overhaul on both sides of the ball. Luckily, Joe Schoen was hard at work at the start of free agency and the NFL Draft will allow him to keep adding key pieces.

What he does in the first round could very much decide his future with the team. Will Schoen trade up to land a star signal-caller? If he does, Drake Maye will surely be a name to keep a close eye on. However, per former ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, Schoen and other GMs should stay away from this kid. That is if they want to keep their jobs safe. He made that much clear in a new podcast with WCCO's Henry Lake.

"Drake Maye is the kind of player that will get you fired. Especially if you draft him in the top five or top three, you know, he’s going to get you fired. Malik Willis might be the only guy that I can think of that is as erratic as Drake Maye. I studied him for two years and I am telling you I am yet to find - actually I'll say probably his best game, and I watched every one of his games last year, was probably the Pitt game and that was an average football game. "

Merril Hoge to Henry Lake

Tell us how you really feel, Merril. He did not hold back in his assesment of Maye, who is considered one of the top quarterback prospects for his class. Keep in mind that this isn't the first time Hoge has poured cold water on the hype of a 2024 signal-caller, as he went viral for claiming Caleb Williams isn't that special.

For a lot of Giants fans, the idea of bringing in Maye in late April is an exciting one, but it's not likely he'll be available at No. 6 overall. If the dominos fall the right way, though, then potentially Jayden Daniels, who both Brian Daboll and Schoen are quite high on, could be there for the taking.

Maye is a certified gunslinger and he has a cannon for a right arm. However, accuracy issues is the main reason Hoge isn't sold on the youngster. This is going to be a make-or-break draft for Schoen and Co. Trading up for Maye would be a huge risk, but if you ask Hoge, the Giants can't touch the North Carolina Tar Heels product with a 10-foot pole.