KC-area milk company trolls the Eagles with hilarious new bottle design

Eagles fans in Philadelphia take to the streets after loss to Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl...
Eagles fans in Philadelphia take to the streets after loss to Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl... / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs fans aren't going to stop celebrating the Super Bowl win over the Eagles in the near future. Philly had their hands on the Lombardi Trophy, but they let a double-digit lead slip away in stunning fashion.

For people all over Kansas City, they might be tired of drinking so much beer to honor the second title for Patrick Mahomes. Well, how about some Eagles Tears? That's exaclty what the team over at the Shatto Milk Company have in mind for all the Philly haters out there. Goodness.

Fans can now drink 'Eagles Tears' thanks to a milk company in Missouri

Based out of Osborn, Mo., about an hour away from Kansas City, the Shatto Milk Company didn't hold back with that new bottle design, letting people enjoy the previously mentioned 'Eagles Tears.'

Thanks to the guys at Arrowhead Addict, they went ahead and wrote out the full bottle description for us. It reads: “Have you ever tasted eagle tears before? Neither had we. But we gotta say, we weren’t expecting their flavor profile to so closely resemble cheesecake. Cheesesteak, maybe. But not cheesecake. Bottling them was no easy feat. We had to conquer the West, defend our home turf (twice!) and travel all the way to the desert and back. Make no mistake, Kansas City. The contents of this bottle are very precious cargo. Savor it.”

If any NY Giants fans want to enjoy some Eagles Tears as well, we wouldn't blame them. Philly went 3-0 vs. Big Blue this past season, including their dominant win over Brian Daboll and Co. in the NFC Divisional Round. Yeah, that sucked to watch.

However, Philly blew it in the Super Bowl and plenty of fans in East Rutherford also enjoyed seeing that. Tough scenes for the passionate fans in Pennsylvania.

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