5 mistakes the Giants can’t afford to make in 2024

The pressure is on for Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll to fix things this offseason

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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When you go from a playoff contender to looking at mock drafts before the end of October, something went severely wrong along the way, and that’s where the New York Giants found themselves in 2023.

The franchise made a bevy of mistakes last season, and it led to a putrid couple of months, sans the three-week Tommy DeVito love-fest. Even if that was some fun, it doesn’t cover up the pain fans felt as they watched the NFL playoffs throughout January, wondering if the memories of New York’s amazing win over the Minnesota Vikings the season prior was all a mirage. 

If the Giants don’t want to damage their future, next season and beyond 2024, there’s a myriad of mistakes the team can’t afford to make. From roster building to their coaching staff, a ton of issues contributed to the sorrow seen in 2023, and the franchise wants to wash itself clean of that sinking feeling. 

Here are five mistakes the New York Giants can’t afford to make in 2024. If they follow this advice, the future is bright for the franchise, like the sun rising over MetLife Stadium on a highly-anticipated gameday:

5. Allowing the offensive line to derail the season once again

First and foremost, the Giants can’t go through what happened in 2023 pertaining to their offensive line once again. It not only ruined their offense, but it led to a slew of injuries for their star players, and changed their course and potential considerably. 

The bane of this team’s existence over the last decade has been this unit, and it’s time to finally put an end to the misery. Offensive line coach Bobby Johnson was let go by the Giants, and former Las Vegas Raiders assistant Carmen Bricillo will step in and hope to get the most out of a group of talent that features a hefty amount of high draft picks and expensive free-agent signings.

Andrew Thomas is the anchor, and he’s as good as anyone in the league along the offensive line. That’s a fact. The hope is that John Michael Schmitz develops into a formidable center, while it's unknown whether Evan Neal can cut it at tackle or not. The team must find out sooner rather than later, and pivot accordingly.

Either way, the Giants can’t afford to let their quarterback, whether it’s Daniel Jones or a different signal-caller, face the pressure they did in 2023. The offense has to work, and the offensive line has to at worst be average in 2024 for it to happen.