5 mistakes the Giants can’t afford to make in 2024

The pressure is on for Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll to fix things this offseason

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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3. Being a doormat for NFC East rivals

While the Giants defeated the Philadelphia Eagles for a feel-good victory in Week 18, their performances against their NFC East rivals, particularly the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, has been putrid over the last couple of years. 

Saquon Barkley put it bluntly prior to the team’s Christmas Day loss to the Eagles, explaining that New York needed to start winning these contests if they’re to be taken seriously within the division. It feels like forever ago when the Giants defeated the Eagles in Philadelphia, and even AT&T Stadium has become a house of horrors when the Giants face the Cowboys.

The gap between the Giants, Philadelphia and Dallas seemed huge at times in 2023, but after watching the Eagles and the Cowboys crash out of the playoffs, it looks like New York has an opportunity to close the gap quicker than they thought. They must start doing so in 2024, and their bounce back next season depends on it.

The Giants have had success against the Washington Commanders at least, but even their future is looking brighter by the day. The G-Men need to make some statements in 2024 going up against Philly and Dallas, no doubt about that.