More offseason disrespect has arrived for NY Giants OT Andrew Thomas

The star Giants LT isn't getting much love this offseason.
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

As the New York Giants prepare for an all-important 2024 campaign, many of their hopes are riding on the health of star offensive lineman Andrew Thomas. However, it seems as if media members don’t see the value he provides the franchise. 

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranked his Top 100 NFL Players of 2024 ahead of a new season, and Thomas was nowhere to be found. Two Giants made the cut in defenders Dexter Lawrence and Brian Burns, but to find Thomas you would’ve had to scroll all the way down to the honorable mention section. That’s relatively low for someone as important as Thomas, who possesses All-Pro talent when he’s on the field.

NY Giants OT Andrew Thomas has plenty of hates to prove wrong in 2024

In fact, there’s a case to be made that Thomas is actually the Giants most important player entering the 2024 campaign. More important than Daniel Jones, or whoever is playing quarterback for the team for that matter. More than anyone on defense. More than Malik Nabers and the entire wide receiving corps. He’s essential to their operation on offense. 

The world saw what happened when Thomas wasn't in the lineup for New York in 2023. The entire complexion of the Giants’ offense was changed. Instead of the savvy, exciting play we saw from Brian Daboll’s team on that side of the ball during his first season in New York, it was a drag to even watch the team when they had the football. It led to a myriad of injuries at the quarterback position, as the Giants couldn’t figure out what to do at left tackle in 2023.

Moving forward, you would be hard-pressed to find more than one or two offensive tackles who are better than Thomas, and Giants fans would agree that without him, 2024 would be a wash, similar to last season’s result. Still, you would never know that if you’re going off Prisco’s Top 100, or any other offseason list, for that matter.

It’d be different if it was a list based off of last season alone, but Prisco evaluated and projected what we’ve seen from each player and where they could end up in 2024, and he still ended up with the ludicrous result of keeping Thomas outside of the Top 100.

"This is my list, based on my evaluations, as well as some conversations with some league personnel. Mostly, though, it's my list. So get mad at me. Talk about the omissions, about who you think is too high and who is too low. That's what it's all about."

Pete Prisco

When it comes to Thomas, the Giants and their fans recognize his importance to the team, and where the season could go if he’s back injured once again. Will the mainstream media ever catch on? Probably not if you’re basing your assumptions off of this past season, but New York knows their offensive tackle is one of the best players in the league, and certainly among the Top 100.