4 most infuriating plays from the NY Giants depressing loss to the Seahawks

The Giants couldn't do much of anything right against Seattle

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. Evan Neal getting taken to school (again) on a Daniel Jones sack

There's really nothing good you can say about the play of the Giants offensive line. Things are so bad, countless fans on social media are calling for Joe Schoen to fire position coach Bobby Johnson after his group gave up 11 sacks against the Seahawks. Everyone had an off night for the G-Men, including Evan Neal.

Unfortunately for Neal, he's somehow getting worse with each game. This is the 2022 No. 7 overall pick we're talking about. Neal didn't play well during his rookie season, but the expectation was that he'd be able to improve during his second campaign. He worked his tail off this offseason to get better. Despite that, we're not seeing anything positive from him, especially not here:

This isn't the kind of effort you should see for a starting right tackle in the NFL. This isn't even the kind of effort you should see from a college freshman. Neal never had a chance at preventing the Seattle pass-rusher from putting pressure on Jones. Quite frankly, we're getting sick and tired of having to write about how bad the OL looks each week. They must improve, especially Neal.