4 most overrated Cowboys players from a Giants fan's perspective

Dak Prescott fails to live up to the hype time and time again for America's Team

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1. CB Trevon Diggs

If we look at cornerback Trevon Diggs stats on the surface, he is perfectly rated as a top cornerback in the game. Maybe even the best. However, as the great Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend. You could simply use your eyes to see how many time Diggs gets burned game in and game out, but if you want to look at the numbers, we can do that, too.

In the three years Diggs has been in the league, Diggs is allowing a 57 percent completion rate when the ball is thrown his way. Last season was his worst as he allowed a completion percentage of 64.7. You mean to tell me the best cornerback in the game is allowing two of every three passes to be completed?

We can also look at the yards Diggs has allowed as a "shutdown" cornerback. Receivers average 14.3 yards per completion and 8.3 yards per target against Diggs. To put all these numbers in perspective, an actually elite cornerback, Sauce Gardner, put up these numbers as a rookie: 53.5 percent completion allowed, 9.8 yards per completion, and 5.3 yards per target.

Diggs has put up some crazy interception numbers. He already has more than half of what Darrelle Revis put up his entire career, but, don’t let those numbers fool you. They aren't the whole story.

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