5 most underappreciated NY Giants of all time

These Giants players gave their hearts and souls for the team

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3. LB Chase Blackburn

One of the most impactful Giants defenders in the franchise's history is Chase Blackburn. After going undrafted in the 2005 NFL Draft, the middle linebacker signed with New York and spent eight seasons there. The 2011 squad needed him badly, as he picked off Tom Brady in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLVI. Who was Blackburn guarding that play? Rob Gronkowski... Successful undrafted pickup? I would say yes.

Now, when you look at his career stat line, nothing jumps off the charts. The clutch moments though, they're for sure there. He was mostly the leader of the special teams, being named captain of the squad in 2010 by his teammates.

Now he may not have the numbers that others have on this list, but he does have two rings. He was also a leader on and off the field, which proves why he's one of the most unappreciated NY Giants in the team's history.