5 moves the NY Giants can make to be NFC East contenders in 2024

Joe Schoen needs to work his magic in free agency for the G-Men
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
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3. Sign Mike Onwenu

The Giants have consistently had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL and it's time for some meaningful changes up front. While Mike Onwenu may not be the best lineman available in free agency, he brings some much-needed versatility and consistency that the offense needs.

Onwenu has roughly the same number of snaps at guard as he does tackle, which is a rare commodity in the NFL. This, combined with the Giants' current situation, makes Onwenu a perfect fit. Whether they put him at tackle and move Evan Neal to guard, or keep Onwenu at guard and give Neal another chance at tackle, there's no scenario where New York doesn't benefit.

Through 505 pass-blocking snaps, Onwenu allowed 23 pressures and three sacks, earning an overall PFF grade of 71.5, which ranks 29th amongst all tackles in the NFL. Spotrac.com has Onwenu at a market value of $13.6 million a year over four seasons. This may be a bit more than he is worth, but it may be worth slightly overpaying to bring in such a consistent lineman to a unit that needs it.