5 moves the NY Giants can make to be NFC East contenders in 2024

Joe Schoen needs to work his magic in free agency for the G-Men
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
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1. Find a proper replacement for Daniel Jones

There may be a chance that Daniel Jones will turn it around in 2024. However, is it really worth risking an entire season on a QB coming off a torn ACL? Especially one who played as poorly as Jones did last season. With so many options at quarterback this offseason, the Giants have a real chance to switch things up at the most important position in football.

Whether they draft someone like Michael Penix Jr. in the second round, trade back into the first for J.J. McCarthy, or sign a veteran, there's no lack of chances to move on from Jones. The Giants would still be stuck with his contract, but with the way it's structured, Schoen could get rid of Jones after next campaign.

Things got way more interesting with Russell Wilson being released by the Broncos. He's nowhere near the QB he once was, but Wilson is still solid and if signed to a veteran minimum, the Giants could benefit. He'd fit the system well and would be an undoubted improvement over Jones.

Who knows what the plan is at QB in 2024, but if Schoen wants to be serious about contending, he must realize that Jones isn't the guy. There are far too many options this offseason to waste another year on hoping Jones finally puts it all together.