5 moves the NY Giants can now make with their increased salary cap

Joe Schoen has a lot of options heading into free agency

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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3. Sign edge-rusher Bryce Huff

The Giants saw Kayvon Thibodeaux develop into a double-digit sack player during his second season with the team. However, given his presence and how a lot of attention draws to him, they need another edge rusher to go on the opposite side.

With Bryce Huff available, he makes all the sense for the Giants to pursue him. He wouldn’t have to move very far, just into the other locker room and trading in the green for blue. The 25-year-old stud had his breakout season in the league, and picked the right time to do so before heading into free agency, as Huff recorded 10 sacks for the Jets in 2023.

Many have considered the Giants a perfect fit for Huff given their need for an additional pass-rusher, plus having the cap space and the fact that Huff doesn’t have to move very far. With Azeez Ojuliari not being able to stay healthy long enough to be the kind of effective pass-rusher the Giants need, Huff is the kind of player the Giants need to target and land for their defense.