5 major takeaways from the NFL Draft first round

NFL Combine
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3. Houston Texans were huge winners on draft night

After years and years of suffering, the future is looking bright for the Houston Texans - we have no problem admitting that. To start things off, the Texans got their QB as well, going with Ohio State sensation C.J. Stroud. Stroud was in the No. 1 mix for a reason - he's got a cannon for an arm and fantastic athleticism.

Then, the Texans were able to move up and immediately make another pick at No. 3 overall. With that selection, they took the No. 1 defensive player for this class in linebacker Will Anderson Jr. out of Alabama. So, in a matter of minutes, the Texans front office landed both Stroud and Anderson? Holy smokes.

General manager Nick Caserio is putting the right pieces in place for head coach DeMeco Ryans. Yes, the Houston faithful have suffered quite a bit in recent campaigns, but they're surely feeling good right about now. Stroud and Anderson were two of the best players available. Good for the Texans.