NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper Jr. and others loved the NY Giants moves

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3. Pro Football Focus gave the Giants an A+ grade for their NFL Draft

In addition to the Banks' selection turning plenty of heads, the same can be said for what happened in the second round. Center had to be a focus for Schoen, and as soon as Joe Tippmann was off the board to the Jets, fans focused their attention on JMS. The fact that he was there for the taking was awesome, with Schoen wasting no time in bringing him home. It's a move PFF was a big fan of.

"If the Giants had made this pick (Schmitz) in the first round, nobody would have really batted an eye. He led all centers with a 92.3 PFF grade in 2022 and had graded well both on zone and gap plays. He’s a big guy but can really move and was a four-year starter at Minnesota. Simply put, he is one of the best run blockers at the position to enter the draft in recent years. "

Pro Football Focus

The Giants indeed got a stud in Schmitz, who was the top center in the draft class. What's so great about the first three picks made by Schoen is that Banks, JMS and Hyatt had all been mocked to the G-Men in the first round by experts. Landing JMS in the second and Hyatt in the third is unreal. Next up, what in the world is USA Today talking about?