NFL insider has the Giants' dream WR1 target somehow falling to No. 6 overall

It'd be awfully hard to complain about this.
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It's officially spring, which means that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the mock drafts are getting even more wild. What started off as straight-forward projections back in the winter are now full mocks with crazy trades and random picks from out of left field. Blame it on excitment, or boredom, but we are officially in Weird Mock Draft SZN.

That's not necessarily a bad thing though. For instance, in Albert Breer's latest draft-themed mailbag, the reporter talks a lot about what he thinks the Giants may end up doing with the 6th overall pick. And while a lot of the hot takes so far have had the Giants trading up for a QB, or reaching for JJ McCarthy, Breer's latest is equal parts fun and insane to think about.

NFL insider has the Giants' dream WR1 target falling to No. 6 overall

"If they stay put at No. 6, at least one of three top guys at those positions—J.J. McCarthy, Harrison and Malik Nabers—will be available," he writes. "And if they move up, it’d almost certainly be for a quarterback. Given the value of having premium guys at either of those positions on rookie contracts, it makes a ton of sense for the Giants to address their needs there while they have a pick in the top 10."

"... But I think the Vikings come up for McCarthy at No. 4. And if I’m guessing from there, Alt to the Chargers at No. 5, Harrison to the Giants at No. 6, Olu Fashanu to the Titans at No. 7, Dallas Turner to the Falcons at No. 8, maybe Malik Nabers at No. 9 to the Bears and JC Latham to the Jets at No. 10. But that’s just spitballing. "

Of all the Giants mock drafts that have floated around the internet over the last few months, it'd be hard to find one – in the non-QB division – better than landing Harrison Jr. He's long been considered the best wide receiver prospect in a draft loaded with them, and would immediately give New York the WR1 that they were missing last year.

In a few short weeks, the wide-reciever-by-committee days may finally be behind them. In fact, it may almost be enough to get New York to forget about their Daniel Jones predicament for, like, three or four whole days.