NFL Rumors: Mixed reviews on Michael Penix Jr. could be good news for the Giants

Will Penix end up being available in the second round?

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

When it comes to the NFL Draft, anything can change for a prospect leading up to the first round. For a while, it seemed like Michael Penix Jr. was going to be a Day 2 pick, but following the NFL Combine and his Pro Day, plenty of people think he'll be off the board in the first round.

Well, maybe that won't be the case after all. ESPN's Matt Miller has his pulse on everything draft related and he's hearing that several NFL organizations don't see Penix as a Day 1 selection. Instead, they think that due to his injury history, he could fall to the second round. You know who would love seeing that? NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen.

Michael Penix Jr. falling to the second round would be perfect for the Giants

Penix has been able to stay healthy in recent seasons for Washington, but no one has forgotten about his two torn ACLs and shoulder issues while he was with Indiana. Because of that, Penix may have to wait a little bit longer than anticipated to find out where he'll be playing at the next level.

The Giants have shown plenty of interest in the left-handed signal-caller, flying out a big group to Seattle to watch him put on a show in Montlake last month for his Pro Day. The G-Men reportedly had dinner with him in Seattle as well.

With New York holding the No. 47 overall pick in the second round, there now seems like there's an outside chance Penix could be there for the taking. If not, Schoen and Co. could try and move up some spots to land him. There's also the possibility they trade into the Top 3 for a new QB, but going the wide receiver route at No. 6 overall may prove to be the wisest decision.

Penix is a stud with the ball in his hands, but we can understand why there are some concerns surrounding his future. If he ends up being drafted late in the first round, it wouldn't surprise us at all. However, if Day 2 rolls around and the Giants are in a position to make something happen to draft him, then Schoen could end up having to give up way less draft capital to get his new QB1 of the future.