NFL siding with the Eagles in the Saquon Barkley-Giants tampering case is a joke

How is Philly going to get away with this?
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

There's a lot of relief over in Philadelphia, while there are some not-so happy individuals in New York and New Jersey. Earlier this offseason, it was revealed that the Philadelphia Eagles and Howie Roseman were being investigated for potentially tampering with former NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley.

The Atlanta Falcons were also getting reviewed for how they handled the Kirk Cousins signing. In the end, Atlanta was found guilty, and they're coughing up a fifth-round pick for it. So, are the Eagles in similar trouble? Nope, as the NFL deemed that they did nothing wrong. Give us a break here.

NY Giants fans are furious the Eagles weren't found guilty of Saquon Barkley tampering

This all started when Penn State head coach James Franklin was asked about Barkley inking with the Eagles by reporter Mark Wogenrich. Franklin revealed that Roseman spoke with Barkley on the phone and made a Pennsylvania homecoming as part of his recruiting strategy.

"He said that was one of the first things that Howie said to him on the phone as part of his sales pitch (returning to Pennsylvania). Not only the Philadelphia Eagles and that, but also the connection with Penn State and the fan base as well. So just a really cool opportunity."

James Franklin via Mark Wogenrich

Per the NFL, they did a wide range of interviews and analyzed emails and text messages. In the end, it was determined that Roseman and Co. did absolutely nothing wrong here and they won't be forfeiting any picks or face any fines. Need some good news? The NFL will revisit things should more evidence be presented! Yeah, that's fake hope right there.

Plenty of Giants fans were hopeful that Philly would be punished for what looked to be a clear violation, but the league had other ideas. A lot of Big Blue supporters are voicing their displeasure on social media and we don't expect that to end in the near future.