Nick Wright has insane Dak Prescott-NY Giants prediction for 2025

This is too much even for Mr. Wright
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Is it really that time of the year where rumors are going to start heating up again? Leave it to Fox Sports 1's Nick Wright to get us going, but with a 2025 prediction that almost seems too wild to even be allowed on television.

While appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Wright, known for some eye-opening takes, thinks that Dak Prescott will be making his way to the NY Giants next season. Not only that, but sees Prescott and Bill Belichick being a package deal. So, not only will Prescott trade his Cowboys jersey for a Big Blue one, but NY will also part ways with Brian Daboll and bring in Belichick? Ridiculous.

Nick Wright thinks Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick will join the NY Giants in 2025

"So, I think it's really on the board - Daniel Jeremiah alluded to this - that Drew Lock ends up starting more games this year than Daniel Jones. The Giants are clearly in a transition period this season. I think it is on the board that Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick are a package deal next season to the New York Giants. Bill gets to come back to the Giants, they get to steal away the Cowboys quarterback, answer that problem. "

Nick Wright

Twice Wright goes on to say it's not a conspiracy theory, but a long-term prediction. He's probably got a better chance at throwing money on a 15-team parlay for Week 1 of next season than to see this Prescott-Belichick idea come to fruition.

Yes, the Giants are expected to move on from Daniel Jones after next season, as there's an out after the second year of his four-year, $160 million deal. The Giants could be in a spot to invest big in a new stud quarterback, but would Prescott make the most sense for Big Blue?

Not only that, but Belichick is 72 and will be 73 going into the '25 season. Joe Schoen and John Mara are going to fire Daboll and bring him in just like that? Keep in mind that while the Giants went 6-11 last year, Daboll was Coach of the Year in 2022 for his amazing work with the team. The belief is that he's still the right man to get NY back to where they belong.

Should the Giants post another losing record, then sure, maybe the calls from the fanbase will start to come in to find a replacement, but a 73-year-old Belichick? We just don't see it happening. If Prescott hits free agency, then yeah, maybe Schoen will check in on him, but that's another move that feels unlikely. Wright might end up coming back and saying, 'I told you so,' but we would be shocked if anything happens here next year.