NY Giants’ 4 weakest positions heading into 2024

These are still areas of concern for the G-Men
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Joe Schoen has improved the New York Giants over the last couple of months, but the franchise’s roster still has a myriad of holes. It’s easy to see what the team’s strengths will be in 2024. The Giants will be relying on their defensive stars, like Kayvon Thibodeaux, Dexter Lawrence and the freshly-acquired Brian Burns to get the job done. However, their weaknesses are a little more complicated.

There are certainly more questions than answers as it pertains to many positions on the Giants’ depth chart. Some are obvious, and will be talking points throughout the season, but others could come to light as the team begins to ramp up their preparation for the new campaign. Ahead of a new season for the Giants, here are their four weakest positions, where Schoen and Brian Daboll will be looking to get the most out of their players in 2024:

4. Running back

The one position group the Giants have been able to remain confident in over the last couple of seasons has been their running back room, mainly due to Saquon Barkley and his immense talent. Of course, Barkley is gone to the Philadelphia Eagles after a messy divorce, and the Giants have made some interesting moves in finding his replacement. Devin Singletary was brought in via free agency, and Tyrone Tracey Jr. was drafted in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Additionally, Eric Gray will likely be pining for some touches, last season’s Day 3 pick at running back. Singletary is certainly slated to be the lead back, but it’s anyone’s guess who separates themselves and becomes the Giants playmaker at running back.

Regardless, gone are the days of the Giants relying on Barkley to bail them out when their offense wasn’t working. Even though he had his fair share of injury troubles and some criticized his running style, Barkley was still an intense playmaker that other teams had to plan around. On paper, the Giants running back room isn’t exactly one of the stronger units on the team, and certainly not in the league. That could change, but that’s where we stand at the moment.