NY Giants 7-Round Mock Draft: Joe Schoen stays put, takes a chance on Day 2 QB

The Giants decide to not trade up and still find a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft
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NY Giants third-round pick: South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler

It’s time to gamble, and gamble big on the future of the Giants and especially at quarterback.

This is the first time we are taking Spencer Rattler in a mock draft and because we stayed put at pick No. 70, Rattler was still available and with the Giants looking to take a quarterback, this was where we decided to go for one with Rattler.

Rattler doesn’t have the same numbers that the other quarterbacks taken before him do. He’ll likely be seen as a project with Brian Daboll. There’s even a good chance that Rattler may not even see the field during his rookie season in 2024 with Jones and Drew Lock ahead of him on the depth chart.

By drafting Rattler in the third round, the Giants might have their quarterback of the future in 2025, as they’d likely release Jones to avoid the $47.1 million cap hit, and Lock would be a free agent since he’s on a one-year deal. That would leave Rattler as the guy. Then all eyes would be on Rattler and if Daboll can make him into something ready to lead the Giants into the future and past the Jones era in New York.