NY Giants all-time starting roster: offense

Some incredible players have suited up for the Giants offense over the years

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RG: Chris Snee

It was very clear that Chris Snee was going to be in this spot. Not only was he arguably the best offensive lineman on the Giants' Super Bowl teams, but there's not much competition at right guard for Snee to go up against. The son-in-law of Tom Coughlin had quite the career.

During his nine-year career, all spent with the Giants, Snee made four Pro Bowls, an All-Pro First Team, and an All-Pro Second Team. Alongside this, Snee was an incredibly important part of both the Giants' Super Bowl runs in '07 and '11.

RT: Jumbo Elliott

For the right tackle spot, we had to do a little moving around. Surprisingly enough, the Giants don't really have a standout player at right tackle throughout their history. So, with that being said we thought it would be best to throw in fan-favorite Jumbo Elliott.

Elliott may never have been a conventional superstar. However, he was incredibly important to the Giants' 1990 Super Bowl victory. Alongside this, Elliott also made a Pro Bowl for New York in 1993. He may not have spent his whole career with the Giants but those eight years will never be forgotten.

At least when Elliott decided to leave the Giants he opted to stay in New York and play for the Jets. Regardless, with a name like that, you know Elliott was destined for greatness in the NFL. We're just glad he spent most of his prime with the Giants.

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