NY Giants announce jersey numbers for 2023 rookie class

Minnesota v Maryland
Minnesota v Maryland / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Get ready to purchase your new jerseys, NY Giants fans, because the 2023 NFL Draft class has officially been given their rookie numbers.

The Giants announced a fleet of official changes on Thursday, which'll allow us to stop staring at those disconcerting "No. 1" phony jerseys on the team site.

We're going to go out on a limb and predict that Jaylin Hyatt is the most popular purchase from this year's class. Not to discount the potential impact of first-round CB/dawg Deonte Banks or center/gift from the Gods John Michael Schmitz (who's apparently going by "Schmitz Jr." on his NFL jersey), but there's something about being a visible offensive weapon that breeds jersey sales.

Bottom line, you can now customize your Eric Gray swag if you're a fan of shuffln' in the backfield, as well as your Jordon Riley gear if you believe in the seventh rounder. Be somewhat careful, though, as the GMen made it clear these numbers are subject to change.

NY Giants 2023 NFL Draft Picks jersey numbers revealed

Is Hyatt the next Joe Jurevicius? Many people are saying.

So far, no wild swings from any of the NY Giants' draftees, who are probably waiting for Year 2 before they try something funky like single digits. Let Micah Parsons mess with all that while we go to work. Aesthetics aren't important to Brian Daboll's Giants.

Still, this information is the first step since Draft Day towards making their Giants' tenures a reality. Julian Love is gone now; No. 20 belongs to Gray, who'll attempt to prove he can supplement Saquon Barkley's contributions in the backfield (and, let's face it, might get a lot more early reps in camp than he might've been expecting).

New season, new era, and the same impressive leadership that helped turn this franchise around last fall. Let's put the pads on already.