Ranking the 10 best draft picks in NY Giants history

The Giants have had some sensational players hear their names called during the draft
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5. LB Harry Carson

One of the most important pieces to the Giants' Super Bowl run in 1986 was Harry Carson. While he often gets overshadowed by Lawrence Taylor, he was still a crucial member of the crunch bunch that brought the Giants the most success the team had seen since the 50s.

While he wouldn't be around during the team's Super Bowl victory in 1990, this doesn't take away from how special of a talent he was. During his 13-season career, all spent with the Giants, Carson made nine Pro Bowls and four second-team All-Pro selections.

Carson was taken 105th overall in the 1976 NFL Draft. This means that the NY Giants managed to snag a future Hall of Famer in the fourth round. This sort of value, as we all know, is what separates good teams from great ones. Without Carson, things could have been very different for the Giants in the 80s.

Considering how poor the Giants' drafting has been in the later rounds recently, it has us hoping that maybe they can find their Carson soon. Obtaining a starting-level player, let alone a Hall of Famer, in the fourth round could be what takes the team over the top in the next couple of seasons.