Ranking the 10 best draft picks in NY Giants history

The Giants have had some sensational players hear their names called during the draft

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2. OT Rosey Brown

Strahan might be the better player all-time than Rosey Brown. However, Brown's draft value makes him the better draft pick for the Giants. In the 1953 NFL Draft, the Giants would select Brown in the 27th round, 322nd overall. Considering how incredible of a player he was, Brown is easily one of the biggest draft steals in league history.

During his time in the NFL, Brown would make nine Pro Bowls, six First-Team All-Pro selections, and two All-Pro Second-Team selections. Alongside this, Brown was a key player on the Giants' 1956 NFL Championship squad.

It's just absurd to think about a player being selected 322nd overall and becoming one of the best offensive tackles in NFL history. The Giants clearly knew how talented he was, as he would start all 12 games in his rookie season and would continue this for all but three games in his 13-year career, all with the Giants.

Not only is Brown one of the best players at his position in NFL history, but he's arguably a top-five player the Giants have ever seen and one of the biggest draft steals ever. This makes it very easy to put him second on our list.