3 reasons the NY Giants will be better than Aaron Rodgers' Jets in 2023

New York Jets Offseason Workout
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2. Aaron Rodgers has taken a step back

Rodgers was the NFL's MVP in the 2020 and 2021. In 2022, he looked like a completely different quarterback than the previous two seasons. Rodgers posted the NFL's 26th-best QBR, a dreadful 39.3 mark. Jacoby Brissett, Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr, Justin Fields, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kenny Pickett, Andy Dalton, and a washed Matt Ryan all posted better QBRs than Rodgers.

Rodgers threw 12 interceptions in 2022, the second most in his career. Rodgers 91.1 passer rating last fall was the worst of his career and his completion percentage was the fourth worst of his career. The future Hall of Famer's touchdown pass amount has plummeted each of the past three seasons. He threw 48 in 2020, 37 in 2021, and then just 26 in 2022.

Some of that 2022 drop off has to do with adjusting to life without Davante Adams, but Rodgers is 39, so it's fair to wonder if he is falling off that proverbial cliff.

Meanwhile, Daniel Jones posted career-best marks in virtually every offensive category in 2022 and can provide something Rodgers cannot: athleticism. Quarterbacks who can run the ball strike extra fear into opposing defensive coordinators. Rodgers does not have that ability and is strictly a statue pocket passer.