This NY Giants-Chargers trade for Justin Herbert is so crazy it might work

Justin Herbert as the Giants quarterback in 2024? Intriguing idea.

New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers
New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

With the quarterback situation for the NY Giants for the 2024 season not settled, we’ve looked at all possible scenarios and possible “Plan B” ideas. A few weeks ago,we floated the idea of the Giants and Chicago Bears making the trade for Justin Fields, especially if the Bears decide to draft a quarterback in April and dangle Fields in a trade to other teams.

We have another possible trade scenario that would not only rock the entire NFL, but one that would be a massive blockbuster. The idea came from the trade that happened between the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams back in 2021 that involved Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff, plus draft picks.

The trade this time involves the Giants and Los Angeles Chargers:

Giants acquire:

  • QB Justin Herbert

Chargers acquire:

  • QB Daniel Jones
  • 2025 1st round pick
  • 2026 1st round pick
  • 2024 3rd round pick

Could the NY Giants try and trade for Chargers QB Justin Herbert?

This trade proposal followed the exact guidelines and scenario that happened for the Stafford and Goff deal, which meant the Chargers didn’t get the Giants 2024 first-round pick, like the Lions didn’t get the Rams 2021 first-round pick, but instead, got their 2022 and 2023 first-rounders.

For those wondering why the Chargers would ever entertain trading someone like Herbert, the next general manager is going to have a lot of contracts to consider moving and Herbert is no exception, especially since he signed a five-year, $262 million extension to be the guy for the AFC West side.

The one knock that many have on Herbert, especially with that contract, is that he has a career 30-32 record and the next general manager might want to find another quarterback to lead the franchise, one that is less expensive. If the 2024 NFL Draft were to happen today, the Chargers would be picking No. 8 overall, so if the Chargers ever got any inkling of moving Herbert and his massive contract, this would be the draft to do so with several quarterback options available for them.

On the flip side of that trade proposal, the Chargers would be taking on Jones and the second year of the four-year, $160 million deal he signed with the Giants back in March. But there is a catch to that with Jones’ contract, as he can be released after the 2024 season and all it would cost is a $22 million dead cap hit.

Because of that cap hit, it’s why many think the Giants could be looking to take a quarterback in April like LSU quarterback and 2023 Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels. However, if the Giants made this trade with the Chargers, it would then allow Los Angeles to do the same. Take on Jones for one season and at the same time, draft a replacement to lead the team into the future.

Since entering the league back in 2020, Herbert has been one of the best young quarterbacks in the game and many felt he was deserving of that massive extension. Before he was drafted to the Chargers, many had felt that if Herbert had left college the year prior and declared for the 2019 NFL Draft, Herbert, and not Jones, would have been the Giants draft pick that year. But, Herbert decided to go back to Oregon and the Giants took Jones with the sixth overall pick in 2019.

Since then, Herbert has been the better quarterback statistically, and it’s why some Giants fans would risk the three draft picks and trading away Jones, plus the chance to draft another quarterback, for the chance at bringing Herbert to East Rutherford.

While this trade proposal is another hypothetical like the Fields one, it’s one to give fans something else to think about in case the Giants are unable to land a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft and need another “Plan B” idea to consider heading into the 2024 offseason.