4 contract decisions that will pay off for the NY Giants

Joe Schoen has been on fire this offseason for the G-Men
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Entering this offseason, the NY Giants had several decisions to make regarding certain players' contracts. However, with limited cap space and many moves needed to upgrade this roster, Joe Schoen pulled off an offseason masterclass.

Not only did he retain key players, but Schoen also brought in some studs who can help push the Giants over the edge. The Giants have seen how badly other GMs can mess up an offseason, so we're glad to have a guy like Schoen running the show.

These four contract decisions made by Schoen not only set up the Giants for success now, but they also made it much easier for the Giants to succeed in future seasons:

4. Restructuring Darren Waller's contract

After landing former Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller from the Raiders, the Giants finally have their elite receiving threat for Daniel Jones. Alongside this, he's on a rather team-friendly deal thanks to an absolutely genius decision from Schoen.

Shortly after trading for Waller, Schoen decided to restructure his contract in order to free up cap space for this offseason. Not only did he do this, but Schoen also gave the Giants a massive advantage in case he doesn't work out this season. Say Waller deals with injuries again, or just struggles overall, the Giants can opt out of the remainder of his contract.

While the remainder of his contract may be a little more beefy because of this move, the Giants have much more cap space in future years than this offseason. The move was almost necessary in order to bring in the free agents New York signed.

So not only did the Giants get a Pro Bowl-caliber tight end for just a third-round pick, but on the slim chance the move doesn't work out, they can get off of his deal with no problem. These kinds of moves are what separates guys like Schoen from the average GM. In total, Schoen was able to create around $7.3 million in cap space this offseason by re-working Waller's deal. Boom.