5 no-excuse games for Daniel Jones on the Giants 2023 schedule

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4. Week 14 vs. the Green Bay Packers

Another chance for Jones to excersise the primetime demons. The Monday night game in Week 14 pits the Giants against against the Green Bay Packers. Only this time, they aren't going across the pond.

Jones was critical in leading the Giants to a comeback win in London against the Packers in 2022. This is the point where people all over the country started to take the Giants and Jones seriously. You're able to mount a comeback against Aaron Rodgers? You'll earn respect.

This time around, Jones won't be looking to out battle a certified Hall of Famer, but a guy who is trying to fill the shoes of one. Jordan Love is the guy for the Packers now and it becomes a must-win for the Giants. You're at home against a young quarterback, you've won against this defense last year - simply do it again.

You do have to give the Packers their respect. They were one of the best pass-defenses in the league last year. However, you have to think that defensive unit will be asked to do most of the heavy lifting with Love calling the shots on offense. Jones has handled this defense before and he can do it again. It may not be pretty, but it's a match up he and the Giants have to win.