5 no-excuse games for Daniel Jones on the Giants 2023 schedule

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3. Week 4 vs. the Seattle Seahawks

The third primetime game for the Giants in the first four weeks. The schedule makers may be the best trolls out there if they were taking Jones' primetime record into account when they made the Giants schedule. Credit to them. But seriously, the Giants host Seattle the a week after the Thursday night game in San Francisco.

Essentially, the Giants have a mini bye week. 12 days off and back in the comforts of home is where Giants fans would expect Jones to capitalize. In a perfect world, Jones lights up Seattle and puts on a show in the Week 4 meeting.

In 2022, the Seahawks were 14th in pass yards allowed and they were in the Top 15 when it came to penalties allowed. They were near the Top 10 in interceptions, but this gives Jones a chance to prove his growth. He had a great season in 2022 when it came to taking care of the ball. This would be a great way for him to show that was no fluke.

When you're making the money Jones is, taking care of the ball is something that becomes a must. Don't beat yourself. A long rest, you're back in East Rutherford and this is a game Jones has no reason to lose. We can't wait to see what he does against the NFC West side.