3 reasons Daniel Jones will outperform Dak Prescott in 2023

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Ever since his arrival in the NFL for the NY Giants, Daniel Jones has had to hear the critics be all over him for what he can't do well. Last year, a major talking point were his struggles in primetime games. Jones was able to silence people thanks to the thrilling win over the Commanders on Sunday Night Football in Week 15.

Another knock on Danny Dimes? Not being able to take down Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. Jones has just one win against the Cowboys, but since debuting in 2019, Jones has yet to defeat Prescott when he's starting for Dallas. Some wonder if that will ever change for Jones as the Giants starter against Prescott.

But with the 2023 season, the expectations for Jones have changed. With the new $160 million contract signed back in March, the Giants have given everyone the clear message that Jones is their guy moving forward and he will exceed the expectations that the naysayers once had on him. As for Prescott, he continues to fail to live up to the hype, which could be the case again in '23. With that said, here's why we think Jones will have a better campaign than the Dallas leader this season:

3. Daniel Jones is a better rusher than Dak Prescott

The first positive that Jones already has over Prescott is his ability to run with his legs. The 2022 season was a clear indication of how well of a rusher Jones is. In 2022, Jones had 120 carries for 708 yards and seven rushing touchdowns, which was a career high for Jones. Before 2022, Jones' best rushing season was 65 carries for 423 yards and a touchdown.

Prescott, while being a mobile quarterback, hasn't been nearly an effective rusher in most recent years of his career: Prescott had 45 carries for 182 yards and a touchdown in 2022. Granted, he also had Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott to do most of the heavy lifting with the running game.

Yet, Jones had an even better running back in Saquon Barkley to give the ball to, and yet, Jones still had one of his best seasons on the ground with the rushing yards and touchdowns. Even if/when Barkley does return to the Giants in 2023, Jones has still been trusted by Brian Daboll to take off and go when needed.

It seems like Prescott's best rushing seasons were early on in his career with the fresher legs and better mobility, as he doesn't rush for as many yards as he once did. Maybe it's age and again, maybe it's due to the running game. And with Elliott now off the Cowboys, Prescott could be counted on to help with Pollard, but that's a big if. In the end, and with the ground game, expect Jones to continue to shine and outperform Prescott.