4 reasons the NY Giants should pass on signing DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants
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Ever since his release from the Arizona Cardinals, DeAndre Hopkins' name has been tied to the NY Giants more than ever.

When the initial reports came out that Hopkins was being shopped by the Arizona Cardinals earlier in the offseason, many had envisioned trade scenarios involving the Giants for Hopkins because they were seen as a team that made sense for him.

However, not only did the Giants not make the trade for Hopkins, nobody in the NFL did, as the Cardinals ended up releasing the veteran receiver on Friday, ending a three-year stint with the team. Since the release, Giants fans are now envisioning the idea of having Hopkins in blue and catching passes from Daniel Jones even more because draft picks are no longer in play for Hopkins, only money.

We suggested why the Giants should make a run for Hopkins and why they should get him to East Rutherford. This will be the flip side to that, which might irritate the fan base who might be trying to pre-order a Hopkins jersey in Giants blue. This will be why the Giants should pass on pursuing Hopkins:

4. DeAndre Hopkins age

Hopkins was once traded in his career, as he went from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals. At the time, he was 27 years old. That was also during the 2020 offseason. Which means Hopkins is now 30 years old; almost 31 now. If you notice the Giants roster, it's gotten younger since Joe Schoen has taken over as the general manager.

Long gone is adding the aging veterans that Dave Gettleman used to bring in. Granted, none of those veterans were at the skill level of Hopkins. But at almost age 31, Hopkins is getting towards the point of his career where you start to see a bit of a decline and dip in production.

Given what Hopkins might want in a possible deal, is it wise for the Giants to invest that kind of money for a player who could be on the decline? Especially since the Giants just witnessed the decline of another veteran wide receiver that they invested a lot of money into and resulted in poor production?

Had this been the 2020 offseason when Hopkins was still 27 going on 28 years old, then this is an entirely different discussion and maybe the Giants pursue harder. But it isn't.