4 reasons the NY Giants should pass on signing DeAndre Hopkins

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1. Do the Giants and Hopkins have interest in one another?

When Hopkins spoke publicly about what teams might interest him because of their quarterback, the Giants and Daniel Jones were not mentioned;

So here is the question; does Hopkins even want to play for the Giants? Sure, the fans want Hopkins to play for the Giants. He would be the bonafide, defacto, No. 1 wide receiver on the depth chart and would give the Giants another option in the offense for Jones and Brian Daboll.

But unlike being traded to the Giants and being told where you are going to play for, Hopkins is now a free agent. There is no guarantee that Hopkins has the Giants on his radar. Now, should the Giants at least inquire and have Joe Schoen perform his due diligence? Of course. Any smart GM worth his money would do so with a player like Hopkins available.

But, you also have to wonder if Schoen himself is interested in Hopkins as well. After all, the Giants didn't pursue a trade for Hopkins and instead, signed free agents, traded up in the draft to land a wide receiver and also traded for a veteran tight end.

Does Schoen really want Hopkins for the Giants? And does Hopkins want the Giants? That remains the true mystery and if Hopkins recent interview says anything, it might be that he doesn't.

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