4 NY Giants who definitely played their last game with the team on Sunday

Joe Schoen will be busy this offseason bringing in new faces

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2. OG Justin Pugh

We have to give Justin Pugh props, what he did was not easy for anyone, let alone a 33-year-old veteran coming off a torn ACL. Despite this, his play on the field left much to be desired and there's simply no chance Schoen opts to bring Pugh back. At the very least, he shouldn't start again. He's a great person and locker room presence, but Pugh's best days on the field are behind him and the Giants know this.

Starting in an NFL game for the first time in a year after being signed not even a full week prior is impressive, but his play after that was near disastrous. Through 11 starts, Pugh allowed a ridiculous eight sacks and 35 pressures. We can't be upset at him, because there's no way Pugh was supposed to play well in this situation. However, regardless of the reasons for his failure, he's not the player he once was.

Pugh hardly looked like an NFL-caliber lineman, let alone a starting one. With how many offensive line issues the Giants have, Schoen can't afford to waste the money and roster spot on a player like Pugh, regardless of the locker room presence he may be.