4 NY Giants who disappointed against the 49ers in Week 3

These four guys let Brian Daboll and Co. down on Thursday

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Coming off the heels of an incredible comeback victory against the Cardinals, NY Giants fans were optimistic heading into Week 3 against the 49ers. While it would no doubt be a tough game to win, we've seen the Giants pull off crazier upsets. Despite this, they weren't able to get the job done and were defeated 30-12, falling to 1-2 on the season.

Despite the odds being stacked in San Francisco's favor, the Giants still had a chance to win this game. However, thanks to the poor performances we saw out of these four Giants, this wasn't made possible:

4. TE Darren Waller

After what was an incredible game against the Cardinals that saw Darren Waller catch six passes on seven targets for 76 yards, Waller was almost a non-factor in Week 3. Not only was Waller not targeted until there was 1:26 left in the first half, but he just had a tough game in general.

While his "drop" in the fourth quarter that everyone has been talking about was more of a bad throw by Daniel Jones than anything else, he still did have a chance to catch the ball and failed to. In addition to this, Waller would also drop a pass late in the fourth that would be popped up in the air for an interception.

For the game, Waller would catch just three passes on seven targets for 20 yards. PFF may not have given Waller an official drop, but there were definitely a couple of passes Waller should have been able to bring in given his abilities as a receiver.

Waller had been solid for the Giants through two games, don't get me wrong. In fact, Waller was even leading all TEs in receiving yards prior to this matchup. However, this game was far from ideal and we hope that Waller bounces back well against the Seahawks. This will be a must-win game and the Giants must have everyone at their best, including Waller.