4 NY Giants who disappointed against the 49ers in Week 3

These four guys let Brian Daboll and Co. down on Thursday

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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3. S Xavier McKinney

Since being drafted, Xavier McKinney has been one of the best, and most consistent players on the Giants defense. However, against the 49ers, he turned in arguably one of the worst games of his career and was a detriment to the Giants defense at times due to his inability to make easy tackles.

While he'd end up tallying eight combined tackles this game, he would also miss two and he constantly failed to bring guys like Deebo Samuel and George Kittle down on what should have been easy stops. Alongside this, McKinney also allowed two catches on three targets for 44 yards - he may not have allowed a score, but with his poor tackling, he may as well have.

Considering that McKinney is playing on an expiring contract, he will need to up his play if he wishes to earn the deal he wants. With all of the other potential extensions that could be handed out this offseason, it wouldn't shock us to see Joe Schoen cut corners on a possible deal with McKinney in order to secure better players.