Ranking all 7 NY Giants draft picks from worst to best

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6. CB Tre Hawkins III

Tre Hawkins switched to cornerback his junior year at Old Dominion and it turned out to be the best thing for his career. In his final two college years, Hawkins had more than 130 tackles and 12 passes defended.

This production is a big reason why the Giants felt the need to draft him in the sixth round. It's not only his production, but also his measurables that look good, He's a 6-2, nearly 200-pound corner. That size can match up with a huge majority of receivers in the league. So, why is he in the sixth spot?

As crazy as it sounds, the Giants have a pretty crowded cornerbacks room. Big Blue fans around the country know how much the team has been starving for depth in the secondary, so expanding on that depth through the draft makes complete sense.

But, Hawkins could find himself in a tough position to make the team. It's safe to say Adoree' Jackson, Darnay Holmes, Cor'Dale Flott and Deonte Banks (we'll get to him shortly) are the top four. So, like Riley, Hawkins better hope his skill wins out. If it does, he'll fit in very nicely with this group.