Ranking all 7 NY Giants draft picks from worst to best

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4. RB Eric Gray

The fifth-round pick out of Oklahoma really has the potential to be at the No. 1 spot. That, of course, depends on the whole Saquon Barkley situation. Either way, Eric Gray is a great pick in terms of backfield insurance. His senior year in Norman is what earned Gray the opportunity in the NFL. He ran for more than 1,300 yards and collected 11 touchdowns, all while averaging more than six yards per carry. With those numbers he was able to earn Second-Team All-Big 12 Conference honors.

If all works out with Barkley, Gray will be a solid piece to help take the pressure off him in the run game and he'll be another security blanket for Jones whenever a check down is needed. He also could make a name for himself as a kick returner.

If the Barkely situation takes a turn for the worse, Gray might find himself competing for the starting job. A Matt Breida/Gray tandem isn't exactly what you hope for, but Gray looks like he could have the makings of a solid pro in the backfield. Let's hope things work out with Saquon, though.