Ranking all 7 NY Giants draft picks from worst to best

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2. CB Deonte Banks

By all accounts, this was THE guy for the Giants. We've all seen the clips of Schoen and Brian Daboll going crazy after getting to draft him. They even traded up to make sure Deonte Banks didn't escape their grasp, and for good reason.

Banks was the third-ranked cornerback prospect and the 18th ranked prospect overall. Banks has proven he's an athletic freak with a 4.35 40-yard dash and a 42-inch vertical jump. These skills helped him become one of, if not the best, cover corner in college football.

Unlike Hyatt, Banks' college numbers won't make your jaw drop. He collected 38 tackles, eight pass breakups and one interception his final year at Maryland. So, why is he ahead of Hyatt? Simply put, he fills an immediate need.

Cornerback is something the Giants have struggled to get right for years and it's clear the Giants brass believes they got it right with Banks. He is going to start opposite Jackson from day one and is going to be a complete difference maker for the defense.