Giants RT Evan Neal looks jacked beyond belief in new workout photo

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This young man has heard all of the hate and he's ready to silence a lot of people! NY Giants right tackle Evan Neal didn't have the rookie season that people were hoping to see out of him. He struggled at times and fans were quick to label him a first-round bust.

However, Neal has been working like a mad man this offseason to improve his game. Not only has Neal been working on his technique, but he's been grinding in the weight room too. Need further proof of that?

Neal just took to Instagram to show off his new body and the former No. 7 overall pick is looking jacked these days. Daniel Bellinger isn't the only Giant to record a head-turning transformation:

Giants RT Evan Neal looks like a new man this offseason

Look at those muscle - goodness me, Neal really does look fantastic. There's a lot of pressure on him to take the next step in 2023, but it's clear that the second-year lineman is entering the 2023 campaign with the right mindset.

We are less than one month away from training camp getting here for the Giants. Once camp does arrive, Neal will look to keep working some things out before Week 1 vs. the Cowboys gets here. In his first meeting against Dallas last year, pass-rusher Demarcus Lawrence took Neal to school.

You already know the Big Blue OL was disappointed with his play. Matter of fact, he wasn't too thrilled with how his rookie season went down as a whole. However, with Neal changing things up with his stance and improving his body like this, he is 100 percent putting himself in a great position to succeed moving forward.

Luckily for Neal, he'll have offensive line coach Bobby Johnson ready to help him out, plus left tackle Andrew Thomas, one of the best offensive lineman in the game, there by his side too. A comeback season feels like it's on the way for Neal.

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