4 expectations for the NY Giants 2023 preseason

The preseason is here and several Giants need to step their game up

New York Giants Offseason Workout
New York Giants Offseason Workout / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2. Darrian Beavers will shine once again

Despite only playing 1.5 preseason games last year, Darrian Beavers showed a lot of promise that has us excited about what he can do as a full-time starter - if he wins the job that is. The run-stopping instincts and coverage abilities he put on display are more than we have seen out of any Giants linebacker in years.

While it's just the preseason, it goes to show how bad the Giants' linebacker core has been over the last seven or so years. Now, Beavers has the potential to be a legit game-changer while playing alongside Bobby Okereke. Their playing styles will work perfectly alongside one another and it has us incredibly excited to watch.

Okereke, as we all know, is an elite run-stopper. While Beavers, on the other hand, is a coverage specialist who is still solid against the run. This is the perfect combination to have at linebacker with how the rest of the Giants' defense is set up. However, for this to work, Beavers must show once again that he can be dominant in the preseason.

Beavers, a sixth-round pick, has the chance to change the narrative around the Giants' late-round drafting just like Hawkins. If he plays as well as we think he will, the Giants will have a monster on their hands at linebacker. It'll be interesting to see if he beats out Micah McFadden for a starting gig.