NY Giants Final Mock Draft: Joe Schoen trades up for the next franchise QB

Joe Schoen gets aggressive and the Giants find their next franchise QB
Syracuse v North Carolina
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NY Giants fourth-round pick: Penn State TE Theo Johnson

In our last mock draft, we had the G-Men taking Theo Johnson given the fact that the Giants have no idea what Darren Waller is doing for the 2024 season. Some might think the team is operating as if Waller intends to retire, so in that case, we will treat it the same way with Waller not being on the team.

The Giants started this back in free agency when they re-signed Lawrence Cager to go with Daniel Bellinger. Plus the Giants signed Jack Stoll and Chris Manhertz as well, so NY has depth and options at the position. Granted, none of them have the same impact that Waller would have, but that’s why drafting Johnson comes into play.

Before a hamstring injury took Waller out for several games, he was the team’s leading receiver. Will Johnson be able to replicate what Waller can do? Probably not, but the Giants need that extra big body and big pass-catching type at the position. Johnson with Bellinger can give the Giants another two tight-end set that the team was hopeful for when they initially traded for Waller last year and paired him with Bellinger.