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NY Giants 2017 first round pick: Evan Engram, C

Following the team's playoff appearance in 2016, the Giants decided to try and add a big-time offensive weapon for an aging Eli Manning. With that in mind, they opted to select tight end Evan Engram 23rd overall. Things started off well for Engram, but since his rookie year, Engram's career has been the definition of a roller coaster.

Engram's first season in the league would be arguably his best, as in 15 games, he caught 64 passes for 722 yards and six touchdowns. However, it would only go down from here. Engram was never going to be a blocker, this was known when the Giants drafted him. However, what was unexpected was the complete regression by Engram as a pass-catcher.

Through Engram's five seasons with the Giants, he'd drop 29 passes, which is just insane to think about. While he would somehow make a Pro Bowl in 2020, real Giants fans know how poorly he played with the team. However, unlike Apple, Engram always handled his struggles in an incredibly mature way and has truly grown into one of the better personalities in the NFL.

It's very unfortunate that Engram didn't pan out. You could tell he loved being in New York, but things just didn't work out and it's definitely for the better that he's in Jacksonville now. Hopefully, he continues to improve playing with Trevor Lawrence in 2023.