3 NY Giants free agents who are likely gone (and 2 who will be back)

The Giants have big decisions looming as free agency is right around the corner
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3. Gone: QB Tyrod Taylor

This one isn't due to Tyrod Taylor being a bad player at all. He stepped up when the team needed him to this season and the offense started to look watchable with the veteran under center. While Taylor didn't have a stellar season, his play could likely garner another team coming in and paying him a handsome amount.

If there's anything that this season showed around the league, it's the importance of having a good backup quarterback. It's sort of a contradictory phrase, but having a "good" or at least serviceable backup is vital with the amount of starting quarterbacks that went down this year. Teams are going to look at Taylor's 2023 season and likely throw money his way. Especially with the resurgence of older quarterbacks (Joe Flacco in Cleveland) it shouldn't surprise anyone if Taylor receives a nice contract.

The Giants should absolutely bring Taylor back, but the question becomes will he? After the Tommy DeVito situation, Taylor certainly wasn't pleased after coming off of IR and being named QB2. Taylor made some mistakes that cost the Giants a few games this year, but they are clearly a better team with him on the field than DeVito. With that said, we don't expect him back.