NY Giants and Joe Schoen sign intriguing RB who has an unreal backstory

Dante Miller is no stranger to adversity and he is fulfilling his dreams with the Giants.
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In sports, everyone loves a good underdog story. For Dante Miller, the New York Giants newest running back, being an underdog is a mantra for his life. Growing up in foster care after his birth mother abandoned him, Miller bounced from home to home in Connecticut growing up.

Facing neglect and abuse from families was common, and Miller learned how to be a young man far before any kid should. Through tough times, Miller persevered and used his faith as his backbone. Eventually, through his mother's first cousin's kindness, Miller found a proper home, a loving family, and a "regular life," as profiled by On3's Andy Staples.

With a new life came new opportunities for Miller. A hyper and active kid found sports as a way to "let go" and he let his competitive spirit thrive. All of that has led to him finding a new home, signing with the Giants.

Dante Miller is the newest RB to sign with the NY Giants this offseason

After excelling and earning MVP and First-Team All-Ivy League honors in 2021, Miller faced a tough decision regarding his future. The scholar student could pursue a "regular job," take his shot at the NFL, or transfer to a Power 5 school. Miller chose the ladder, landed at the University of South Carolina, and has not looked back since.

With great players familiar with the system in front of him, Miller knew his first season at South Carolina would be all about learning. With the NCAA granting him two years of eligibility, Miller would have his chance to shine the following year.

However, six games into the 2022 season, the NCAA realized they'd made a massive mistake by falsely granting Miller two years of eligibility. In reality, Miller only had one year of eligibility. After barely playing in the first six games, Miller was ruled ineligible for the following season. Had he known that he could redshirt, he would've been fine. The NCAA mistake parlayed into a disaster for Miller. Luckily, Miller is familiar with disaster and an expert at overcoming it.

Miller struck out after trying his luck with the NCAA and hoping to be granted an additional season due to the mistake. Rather than getting down with feelings of defeat, Miller stuck around campus and spent the 2023 season working vigorously for his dreams of a shot in the NFL. With such little film on tape, Miller knew how vital his Pro Day measurables would be.

At the South Carolina Pro Day, Miller's dedication shined, as 4.27 seconds changed his life forever. After a blazing-fast 40-yard dash and leading all running backs with 28 bench press reps, Miller's name was officially out.

After ironing out one of many kinks with his draft eligibility, Miller was informed that he was not draft-eligible in 2024, but was eligible last year in 2023. Rather than hoping for a late-round selection in the upcoming draft, Miller had the chance to choose and negotiate his contract.

Finding the perfect match was crucial for Miller, and the New York Giants seem to be just that. After putting the pen to paper with the NFC East side, everyone has good reason to root for what might be one of the biggest underdog stories in the league. Miller will fight for a spot in camp this summer, but again, this young man is no stranger to adversity.