5 longest winning streaks in NY Giants history

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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4. NY Giants in 1986 - 9 games in a row

Every New York Giants fan both young and old know's what happened in 1986: the Giants, led by Parcells and Simms, won the franchise's first ever Super Bowl. But many may not know that during this season, the team put together two multi-game win streaks, with one of them being the main factor that helped the Giants get to and win the Super Bowl.

The Giants began the season losing their first game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys, but they turned things around quickly winning their next five before losing Week 7 against the Seattle Seahawks. However, that loss did not derail the Giants season at all as they went on to win their final nine regular season games and eventually posting a dominating Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos.

This was perhaps the Giants best regular season in its franchise during this time period as they went 14-2 on the year and went a perfect 8-0 at home. While Simms did not have a great season that year only throwing 21 touchdowns to 22 interceptions, the Giants had of course a stellar defense during this stretch led by the great Taylor who had 20.5 sacks that year.

This was a very special year for the Giants and the nine-game winning streak that they were able to put up was a major factor in the Giants Super Bowl run. Fans will never forget this unreal campaign that was recorded.