NY Giants Mock Draft: Joe Schoen pulls off 2 first-round trades in wild turn of events

The Giants wheel and deal, land impact players and find their next QB of the future

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NY Giants second-round pick: Georgia CB Kamari Lassiter

The Giants tried to add two veteran corners in free agency, but they struck out on landing both, mostly because they weren’t going to spend what they were looking for. So, with the Giants clearly not paying big money on veterans, they instead look to the draft and take one of Bowers' teammates in Kamari Lassiter with one of their now two second-round picks from a previous trade.

Lassiter finished with 37 total tackles, 0.5 sacks and eight pass deflections during the 2023 season for the Bulldogs. The Giants drafted Banks in the first round last year and he looked solid in his first season. They also drafted Tre Hawkins in the sixth round. He showed a ton of promise in the preseason and training camp, but struggled during the regular season.

Having another corner like Lassiter would give the Giants more options and depth in a secondary that wore thin during the end of the season. The Giants brought back Nick McCloud and Darnay Holmes as depth moves to the cornerbacks room, but they need more and someone who tackles as well as Lassiter does is an extremely ideal move for the Giants.