NY Giants Mock Draft: QB of the future falls to the G-Men at No. 6 overall

The Giants are primed to land a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft

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NY Giants fourth-round pick: TCU OG Brandon Coleman

The Giants have already addressed two of the three possible openings they have on the offensive line. However, there is one more guard spot that the Giants will need to address and they do so in the fourth round with the selection of Brandon Coleman from TCU.

In this draft, the Giants are looking for large men to put in front of their quarterback and running back, and just like the first two selections, Coleman is also a very large individual standing at 6-4 and weighing in at 316 pounds.

Coleman played at left tackle as well as left guard during the 2023 season for TCU, so if the Giants took him in the fourth round, it would be for potentially the left guard spot with Andrew Thomas ready to return for the left tackle spot.

Whether Neal is able to make a potential move to guard or not, the Giants shouldn’t be waiting around to see if he does, and a player like Coleman with experience at both lineman positions should help the team and the unit move forward and hopefully, away from the poor rankings they received in 2023.