4 NY Giants most likely to have their contract restructured this spring

Joe Schoen needs to get creative in opening up cap space

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3. OT Andrew Thomas

Many of the Giants struggles in 2023 can be traced back to one moment, the blocked field goal against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1. Not only did it deliver a serious case of shock to the system, but it hampered Andrew Thomas’ ability, as he suffered a hamstring injury on the touchdown return, and the subsequent pick-six from Daniel Jones made matters even worse.

The Giants offensive line never looked right with Thomas out. While he was injured, Jones faced immense, record-setting pressure, and the former first-round quarterback could never get his bearings about him. It was obvious who the most important player on offense was, the Giants left tackle.

That’s why Schoen made sure to sign Thomas to a gigantic contract last offseason, one that pays Thomas $117.5 million over five seasons. That’ll kick into high gear this season, as the former Georgia star’s cap hit will be over $23 million for the Giants. 

Now, that’s a borderline steal for a player of Thomas’ ability. But, similar to the point on Lawrence’s contract, it’d be paramount for the team to recoup some of that dough to fill some holes in 2024. Like his counterpart on defense, the Giants are hoping Thomas will be in New York for a long, long time. At just 25 years old, the money will come to the offensive lineman, now and in the future, but a restructure could pay dividends for the team this offseason.